Project No. 1 - Kawongo Primary School Well

Project No. 1 - Kawongo Primary School Well

Wine to water: the ripple to create the wave

Welcome to the Ripple that the wines we sell help create, where buying and drinking wine has a cause other than getting drunk and satisfying your taste buds.

So far your purchases of our wines have enabled us to build four wells in rural Uganda. One of the wells from our wine to water initiative is located at Kawongo Primary School and its Community.

Photo of Lake

Before the installation of the well, school children and the surrounding community would walk an average of 2km through sugarcane fields to access water from a spring

The spring would get contaminated with chemicals and fertilisers from the farms, which impacted the health of the community.

The biggest challenge about this project started when the team had dug up to 73 feet of the well and hit rock that they could not dig past. Digging was moved to a nearby site, in order to provide access to the water the community needs.

Photo of Built Well

The well has impacted a total of 780 people.

Among the 780, the well directly provides water to Kawongo Primary School, which includes 473 pupils, 12 staff and 50 neighbouring households.

Village Shot with Sign

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