Water is the most important element of life. Many people around the world do not have access to clean water. Unfortunately, this can have devastating effects, including disease, disruption of education and even death.


Enables you to help solve these issues, just by doing something you love. Drinking wine! For every bottle you buy, you are providing 1 person in need with a year of clean water.


Together with our charity partner, The BridgIT Water Foundation, we identify the communities most in need, facilitate the construction or repair of a water well, and implement a strategy to maintain and manage the well for at least 10 years.


Your purchases have already enabled the construction of 24 water wells that has provided the equivalent of 247,200 people with one year of clean, fresh, water. Our impact is currently focused on regions in need across Africa and India.

Water Well Locator

Including mixed cases, sampler packs and gift vouchers

Watch a video of Wendy Tisdell, the CEO of BridgIt Foundation discussing their partnership with little ripples.