Testimonies & Success Stories

Testimonies & Success Stories

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Working closely with our charity partner BridgIT Water Foundation, we are provided with a great deal of direct feedback that helps with improving water well development. This ranges from site analysis, objective monitoring, and receiving feedback from our communities that have been impacted.

Testimonials and success stories are always so heart warming to read, as you are able to grasp an understanding of how important safe and easy access to clean drinking water is. 


Testimonial #1


Nakizibwe Sumaih from Kawongo Village took the time to provide us with some important words. This 57 year old women was provided with access to clean water and was able to improve her overall health.


*From Nakizibwe Sumaih


“This borehole saved by back, I was gone. My back problem stems from when I was about 25and was just married without anyone to help me  fetch the water needed for the large extended family I had joined. Every day I had to go down to the swamp 3km away to fetch at least 7 cans (about 140litres) of water. At 31, after giving birth to my 3rd child, I developed serious back pain that would leave me crying every time I bent to  do my daily chores. A doctor advised me to avoid carrying / lifting heavy objects! I was only relieved when my daughters grew older, but they are  now married and away from home. At my age, the responsibility of collecting water was reverted to me. I was very happy when this borehole was  constructed. It is close to my house and I don’t need to carry heavy containers. I can’t find words to thank you enough. I am so very happy.”



Testimonial #2


Martha Kyohirwe is a 22 year old female from Wagala Primary School who was able to be gifted with clean drinking water, allowing her to continue with her education journey.


 *From Martha Kyohirwe


“Early last year schools were closed to control the spread of Covid-19. I was in 2nd year of my long-distance course at a Teacher Training  College. The college advised us to enrol for Zoom lessons. This required me to always purchase airtime and data to connect to the internet on my phone. I decided to join vegetable growing with the little money I had saved. It was easier to get water for irrigating my seedlings in the  nursery bed in July last year as well as after transplanting. Because of this new borehole at our school, I earned money from the tomato sales and was able to pay for my lessons.”



Testimonial #3


Our final honourable mention was from Tahirwa Blaise who is a 21 year old male from Galigatya Village. He was able to start a brick making business, making money and support others with job opportunities.


*From Tahirwa Blaise


“I’m so honoured to share my testimony on this project. I had just completed high school when the first wave of Covid-19 hit our country and all conventional education programs were halted. Well knowing  that was not going to school sooner, I mobilized my siblings to pool  efforts into brick making to expand our family house. This house our late father left behind for us was small and when lockdown was  announced, our two sisters who were living as single parents also came with their children avoiding the hardships in the city.  

Our target was of making 20,000 bricks was successful because we  easily tapped the water that collected in the soak pit at the borehole. We made enough bricks to expand our house and even some to sell, so we could buy iron sheets, cement and two windows. We have continued with this brickmaking business and 3 more or our friends have joined us. We are now employed and busy making money.”



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