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Little Ripples

Pinot Noir - 6pk

Pinot Noir - 6pk

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Limited Edition Adelaide Hills Pinot Noir.

This Pinot Noir is a real show-stopper. Our finest wine yet, only available in limited batches. The wine you'll be proud to bring to any event or savour for yourself.

Pinot Noir is a classic. It's light, fruit-forward and pairs well with a wide variety of foods. If you like a wine that isn't too "in your face" this Pinot Noir is for you. It's the perfectly balanced red you've been longing for.

Adelaide Hills' Pinot Noir is a cool-climate gem, renowned for its elegant blend of red fruit flavours and subtle savoury notes. This region's unique terrain and innovative winemaking craft wines of layered complexity and charm. Every sip embodies Adelaide Hills' dedication to sustainable practices and unmatched taste.

Think deep cherry vibes with a splash of crimson, a cheeky blend of cherry plum and strawberries, and a cool charred oak finish.

Whether you're into roast duck, BBQ ribs, or a lush mushroom risotto, this Pinot's got you. A classic with a modern spin.

Each bottle of Little Ripples is more than just wine—it's a promise. With every sip, you're giving someone a year of clean water. Sip with purpose, cherish every moment, and see the ripple effect of your choice. Learn more about your impact.

To date, together we've provided 423,540 people access to clean drinking water.

It's not just wine; it's a revolution in taste. Revel in the rich flavour without the unwanted sugars. Zero sugar, low carb, and every pour is a toast to a healthier you.

0g sugar per serve

Low Carb

Minimal Sulphur

100% money-back guarantee

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What’s Inside The Bottle

The famous Adelaide Hills region is known for its world-renowned cool climate Pinot Noir and the Little Ripples' variety sets the bar high.

In the Limited Edition 2022 Little Ripples Pinot Noir you will taste a melody of cherry, plum and strawberry, complemented by the warmth of charred oak and tannins.

It's our finest drop yet. It's the Pinot Noir you will try and never look back.

Nutritional Value per 100 ml serving
Energy – 81 Kcal
Carbohydrates - 2g
Sugars - 0g Sugar

Alcohol by Volume: 13%


By choosing to enjoy a bottle of Little Ripples, you are setting off a ripple effect that can be a big change in our world. For every bottle sold, Little Ripples give 1 year of clean water to 1 person in a developing community. We achieve this through the building of wells and water systems. Having access to clean water has a huge impact on health, education, and the lives of the people on the planet that need it the most.