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Little Ripples

Low Alcohol Pinot Grigio - 6pk

Low Alcohol Pinot Grigio - 6pk

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Low Alcohol Pinot Grigio

Our crisp Low Alcohol Pinot Grigio boasts delicious notes of nashi pear and lemon blossom with a subtle textured finish. With <1g sugars per 100ml and 36 calories per serve - it's the perfect guilt free drop.

Our Low Alcohol Pinot Grigio is fruity and delightfully refreshing. With notes of succulent pear, hints of zesty citrus, and a touch of tropical fruit. It's the perfect Spring / Summer drop.

Raise your glass to the unparalleled allure of South Australia. Every sip is a toast to its wild landscapes, rich heritage, and the enduring spirit of adventure.

Our crisp Low Alcohol Pinot Grigio boasts notes of nashi pear and lemon blossom with a subtle textured finish. Full flavour, half the calories of standard wine.

Whether it's a barbecue, seafood soirée, or an intimate dinner for two, this wine effortlessly enhances the dining experience.

Each bottle of Little Ripples is more than just wine—it's a promise. With every sip, you're giving someone a year of clean water. Sip with purpose, cherish every moment, and see the ripple effect of your choice. Learn more about your impact.

To date, together we've provided 358,500 people access to clean drinking water.

It's not just wine; it's a revolution in taste. Soak in the rich flavour without the unwanted sugars. Less than 1g of sugar per serve and half the alcohol of standard wine.

  • Less than 1g of sugar (Per 100ml serve)
  • 36 calories  (Per 100ml serve)
  • 2g carbs  (Per 100ml serve)
  • Alcohol 5.5%
  • Minimal Sulphur

100% money-back guarantee

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What’s Inside The Bottle

This flavoursome Low Alcohol Pinot Grigio is made from premium vineyards in South Australia and is ready for immediate consumption.

This Pinot Grigio has a lovely aroma of spiced pear, white nectarine and honeysuckle. To the palate, it's crisp, bright and crunchy with a fresh citrus finish.

Nutritional Value per 100 ml serving
Sugars - <1g
Calories - 36
Carbs - 2g


By choosing to enjoy a bottle of Little Ripples, you are setting off a ripple effect that can be a big change in our world. For every bottle sold, Little Ripples give 1 year of clean water to 1 person in a developing community. We achieve this through the building of wells and water systems. Having access to clean water has a huge impact on health, education, and the lives of the people on the planet that need it the most.